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Re: 4 months and major spitup

Originally Posted by Lolobug View Post
Just chiming in...
My dd2 has reflux. She has projectile vomiting (like mount Vesuvius!) You can tell the difference between projectile vomiting and spitting up a lot- she does both. Projectile is like a fire hose, very forceful and TONS! Spitting up a lot (IMO) doesn't have the force or quantity.
I traded in burp clothes for beach towels- NO JOKE! We are a 3-load of laundry/day kind of family.
She had problems from day 3, though. Good luck, mama! PM if you have any questions
Very good description. Thanks! He does the projectile only occasionally, it's usually just a lot of spitup.

I have found that slowing him down and stopping to burp has helped tremendously!

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