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Re: Is this baby cute or not?

OK, I did not read all the responses so if I am repeating what someone else said.......... maybe it will help.

I agree with the person that said babe is cute but not unique. I the eyes of a mother our children are perfectly beautiful. I would hate to have to hear from someone that my babe is just average or worse.
lion in me would react.
That said, she needs (in my opinion) to stop all this and think. There have been so many shows with the "real" models giving advise. The one thing they ALWAYS say is NEVER PAY MONEY! If your child or you "have it" they will pay for everything. Because they know they will make money. If they ask you to pay for anything, then they feel you don't realy have it. But of course they will not tell you that.
I was accepted by an agency (10) years ago. BUT they wanted me to cut my hear and loose 5-10 pounds. DH and I talked about it and decided that the life of never being around and traveling to jobs would hurt my family. So I declined. I was so relieved! I could not see cutting my hair. It was down to my waist and thick, perfectly healthy. And a fiery red.
(a lot changes wit age ) And then the wait. Goodness, I am 5'6" and I weigh 115 pounds. Where was I going to loose it from? My hair?
My point is, tell her to think hard. They expect a lot! You don't get to be you. Does she realy want to make that choice for her daughter? A few of our children real could be "the one" but I could not bring myself, nor would DH let me, post them up. Parade them around, and make them something they are not.
IF your friend is set on this, tell her the way to get a genuine response from an agency is to go to a calling. Or what ever they call them now. Any major city has them. Call the local agencies and ask when they are hosting another one. Tones of people show up and they each get a few minutes to show there stuff. The "guys" know real fast if they want you or not. If they do, they pay for everything.
The other option is to get her pics pro done and send copies to lots of different agencies.(they generally want a head shot and a body shot) If they want her, again, they pay for everything. If they want money, walk. You never get a guarantee with those folks, it is a business.
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