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Re: Has anyone used Hypno Babies or similar program?

As a doula, I love hypnobaby births. The moms are generally much calmer, and less affected by the stresses of transporting to the hospital, admission procedures in L&D and less distracted by staff coming in an out of the room.
I enjoy working with hypnobaby clients because I feel that their work before the birth enables them to have a more focused experience and that in turn helps me focus my attention on them in a different way than with none-hypnobaby clients. I can't do the work of birth for my clients and sometimes it seems that some of them breeze through the pregnancy with only superficial preparation (or overkill and just not the right kind of prep) and then during intense labor I spend the majority of my energy calming them down and trying to reassure the husband/partner. I wish that I had done it myself with my own births.
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