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Re: The No Stink, No Complications Laundry Solution!

Originally Posted by el's mama View Post
I actually whispered that I use Tide when I was at a cloth diaper store. It was a mommy/baby get together and someone was saying they needed to buy more RnG but then said how frustrated they were with their 3 hour wash routine that still didn't get the dipes clean. I said "I'm a bad CD'ing mom, but I use Tide now and I love it!" The mama decided to give it a try and loves it too! She is very green but decided a little bit of Tide and ONE wash is better than a natural detergent and masses of extra water. It still is taboo among newbie cloth users because they're still brain washed just like I used to be. (I kid of course )

This seriously bothers me. How the CD companies have all the new to cloth momas terrified their diapers will self distruct if not washed "this way", like they are delicates or some garbage! I tell ya what, if I can't use a heavy duity trie and true detergent like tide with it'e enzymes and such with some bleach then the dipes just arn't worth the money. If they are so fragile you need delicate and special care and detergents, they arn't worth poo. Our lo's poo and pee in these things saturating them in filth. hey need to be washer acordingly! get the suckers clean, but keep it simple and use some commen since. The cd companies are just scaring momas away and causing stink problems with all the warrenty/special detergent lies. Someone linked a pdf report by some chemist that did a paper for cotton babies i believe. I had no way to link it sadly. he siad enzymes will have NO effect on the diapers, just may cause a rash for a very few. they still stick with no enzymes crud?! Get real!

I do a 27 min quickwash cycle to get the poo off and rinse some of the pee out. I only wipe out poo and the washer does the rest.
I do a sanitary cycle with 1/4 cup bleach and tide. Then I'm DONE.
They get tossed in the dryer on HIGH heat for 60 min nd that's it.
I have a he fl'er and never had a hint of odor. I bleach every load, always have and will.

I even add reg fabrib softner to my natural fiber dipes, like my towels, there is no change in absorbency. Never an odor, nada. I have had many of the dipes we started with almost 7 yrs ago and never a problem from bleach, tide, or softner. I do only use the watery softner though, snuggle. Downey is really thick and make sme nervious.

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