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Re: kinship care in canada..

Hey Mamma-
I'm in central Alberta as well. 2 previous adoptions and presently doing a foster to adopt.
Have you contacted a worker for info at all?
I know the goal is always to keep kids in their family of origin, it would be worthwhile to gain more info.
I have no advice to give on your personal situation, however I can share that I am not permitted to feed my little guy breast milk- mine or anyone else's- and it did raise eyebrows when I inquired.
I also know you are not permitted to homeschool foster kids in Alberta, they must attend a provincially accredited school.
So maybe that sheds a bit of light on how they feel about 'alternative' parenting choices.
There are some pretty intrusive questions asked about your relationships during the home study, so you would really need to prepare for how much you want to share.
Good luck mamma- I hope you are able to help these kids.
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