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Re: So I have some Osnaburg...

Originally Posted by Minniebees View Post
Wrap dimensions are usually in meters, and I'm conversion dumb. You will probably want 4.6 or 5.0 meters to start with. I think a front wrap cross carry is probably the easiest for a novice to learn, personally, and you will need that length for it. It seems overwhelming at first, but you get used to it. The width should be about 27-30 inches for a kid that big. I have some that are about 25, and some that are 30. I would err on the side of making it too wide, you can cut length off, but can't add it back on. Actually, if I was making it, I would cut it about 31 or 32 inches, to give plenty of room for a finished hem. Did you pre-shrink it?

I dont know about the hammock thing, I just tied them on. Have fun, osnaburg is supposed to make great wraps!
Yep, it has been pre-shrunk. I read enough to know to do that. I know it's supposed to be in meters, but I didn't want to convert either, even though I can. LOL. Lazy. I think I'm probably good on length, I just wasn't sure how wide I should make it.
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