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Re: So I have some Osnaburg...

Originally Posted by berrypunch View Post
Oh Osnaburg is such fun If you haven't already taken the time to pre-wash it you'll need to do that first. O shrinks. Wash it in warm and tumble it on low, iron and then cut and hem.

If you plan to dye it-- You really should, it's fun and easy. Soak it overnight in the washing machine with a few scoops of the regular oxy clean on the smallest load setting and then spin it out and wash it twice, once w/out soap on warm and once w/ regular blue dawn dishsoap on warm. Just a squirt or two. No more is needed than a sink full of dishes or two would take. Dylon can be bought locally at places like Jo Anns, or you can get pro chem or dharma. I don't like to pay shipping or wait, I've had good luck with dylon so far.

Dye safety- If you dye your new wrap be sure to rinse it in warm or hot water until the water runs completely clear. This may take a bazillion washes but it ensures that all of the dye is properly bonded and affixed to the fabric of the wrap and wont be realeased and absorbed by you or your baby.

Osnaburg is nice and soft if you don't strip it, but it doesn't dye well if you don't. If you want it naked and soft leave it oatmeal colored. It's really supportive, but not as soft and cushy as a high dollar woven. I've used O for baby and toddler both and found it worthy. It's highly indestructible too!

Thanks. I actually bought Dylon at the same time I bought the O at Joann's months ago. I'm such a procrastinator. Can I dye it in a front load washer? When I originally bought it I had a top load, it died and we got a front load here recently.

I'm excited to try it out. I think I'll use it for a while "naked" to get the hang of it, and if I like it I'll dye it to make it pretty.
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