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Sometimes I feel like I'm not cut out to be a SN mom

My 5 year old is profoundly autistic. he doesn't speak. He has made many strides over the last year but it is likely that he will never really communicate.

This weekend has been very difficult. He isn't feeling well and any little thing leads to a huge fit. Screaming at the top of his lungs, hitting himself, hitting me, and not easily distracted.

Sometimes I just want to scream at him, as if that will suddenly make him talk and tell me what is wrong. Ugh, I feel so horrible for getting that frustrated with him. I'm able to not scream but he can sense the tension in me and it only makes him feel worse.

We think he has strep. His brother and step-mom both had it. He wont' cooperate with any exam but the doc wanted to start anti-biotics (and he's not an antibiotic loving doctor). DS was running fevers and not eating all that well. He's also a big kisser and drink stealer. I know this is sorta-wrong but I hope to God it is strep, that way it will be better soon.

Overall my ds is doing good and making many improvements with being engaged with others and is learning academic stuff at school. His 6th birthday is getting closer and ods always gets sad around yds's birthdays since he thought this would be the year his brother would talk to him.

Thanks for letting me come here and vent. He's getting upset again so my brief break is over, thanks for reading
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