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Re: Marchkins Chat 2/20-2/26

I also think it odd for her to suggest that Sara "needs" to provide the food. We are having our birth at a birth center run by midwives and we don't provide food for them, that is their responsibility (just as with any in home or hospice nurse etc situation). I am expected to bring my own food though (and for hubby -the doula said she will be bringing her own snacks but she is more than welcome to help herself to ours) to the birth center for the course of laboring which makes sense. At first when I read Sara's post I was thinking maybe the midwife meant more for Sara to have plenty of food/snack type items for herself and her hubby for during labor but that really is odd to me to require certain kinds of food for the labor team. I agree it couldn't hurt to have a bowl of fruit or something to offer (not something out of the ordinary that she wouldn't keep in her house anyways though -we too don't do sandwiches since we are gluten free).
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