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Re: Marchkins Chat 2/20-2/26

Originally Posted by Squeaky McMurdo View Post
Still no baby. I did make my husband inflate the birth pool though because I have been having contractions every 15 minutes since midnight, so I'm fairly sure I'm in early's apparently going to take a while though. I was spoiled with a 6 hour and 2 hour labor for my girls, so I'm not sure what to think about this several days in labor thing. Hubby went to work today and chasing the kids isn't exactly easy mid contraction!

On a better note, I was so convinced I was going to have a baby last night that my house is now very clean and I cooked a ham and made 7 freezer meals. With my last baby, a whole bunch of people told me they would bring meals and only 2 actually did, so I took matters into my own hands. If people bring me food, it just means I'll have to cook less later.

Woohoo, another March baby on the way! At least your house is clean!

I was wondering about people bringing meals. I've had many people volunteer to do it, but someone else also told me that not everyone who volunteers a meal will bring one. So like you, I don't want to expect (nor feel entitled to) others providing our food for us. I will probably aim to have about 10 meals (or the base to 10 meals) in the freezer before I leave for the hospital.
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