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Re: Marchkins Chat 2/20-2/26

Originally Posted by georgiasmommy View Post
I have a c/c scheduled for March 9 and am delivering at a hospital with very strict rules. No one is allowed in my recovery room, hubby is not allowed behind the glass in the nursery (he stayed right beside DD the entire time I was in recovery last time), and I cannot have my baby for at least the first 90 min or so. I am requesting DH cut the cord in the OR (not standard practice here), that he be WITH the baby after delivery up until he hands LO to me, and that they both come into my recovery once I'm stitched up, etc (and I would like to nurse at this time if needed). With DD, everyone got to hold her/gawk at her before I did because I was in recovery for THREE hours (ER c/s, they put me under g.a. for 2 hrs after delivering) and they gave her sugar water in a bottle while I was in recovery- made me SO angry!
Yikes, I'm thankful that hospital isn't mine! I hope you can get most of what you want.

Food - my midwife's assistant suggested that we have some food on hand for them, no big deal to me. She used to work with some midwives that had a specific list of food to have on hand, that part is a little crazy. I'm just planning on some granola bars and fruit and maybe sandwich things. DH eats sandwiches a lot so it won't be a big deal. I think it's considerate to have some food for them on hand.

DH is sick today. I pray that I or dd1 do not catch it. Got dd1 down for a nap now and I need to straighten up the house and get some lysol and clean or something.

Oh, food after baby. Our church does a meal train where different people sign up for a week or two to bring dinner when someone has a baby or other circumstances, it's very nice of them. And MIL kept us well supplied after dd1 so I'm not worrying about it much.
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