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Re: Marchkins Chat 2/20-2/26

Has anyone had contractions that didn't hurt at first? Or ones that just felt like tightening? Two days ago I started getting them, maybe just a couple that day (like 3-4 in a 12 hour period). The next day, I started getting 1-2 an hour. Now I'm getting quite a few in an hour, maybe almost every 10 minutes or so.

They don't hurt. They just feel like my belly is tightening, sometimes some of them feel like they are working/spreading the uterus area (hard to explain). But not painful. When I finally went into labor with the last 3, they were not painful, but they took my breath away from the amount of squeeze, and I could time how long they lasted. These are just ones I barely notice.

Are these BH? I've heard many women start labor with these kind of contractions, but for the life of me, I CANNOT remember what me pre-labor symptoms were. I just remember having contractions for a LONG time before real labor. I had days and sometimes weeks of labor that came and went. This time we started EPO early, so I will find out TODAY if I'm dilated or effaced (if my cervix isin't too high to check.. like it usually is).

Just curious if anyone has these as they get closer to the real thing, or if my body is just having a good time doing BH contractions.
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