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Re: Bodywash suggestions and family cloth suggestions...

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
Dr Bronners has yummy fragrances and does suds a ton with just a few drops. I couldn't use it except as hand soap unfortunately, because it was too drying and the soap residue irritating to me. Going natural with cleansers is tough because soap leaves residue, theres no way around it.

The other tough thing is that the natural things tend to rely heavily on salicylates (like aloe or sodium benzoate) as preservatives. These can be highly irritating to skin and respiratory tracts.

But for someone currently using stuff with artificial fragrances, Burts Bees and Yes to Carrots are probably great.

I got a boyfriend something with patchouli in it, that broke his Old Spice habit.
I got Dr. Bs patchouli lime body lotion. BARF. I love patchouli but that stuff stunk to high heaven. I put a DROP on my hand to smell it and could still smell it a couple days later after washing my hands multiple times and showering.
I was also going to suggest a more "manly" scent of a natural soap for the mama who said her hubs only uses old spice.
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