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Re: Public School/lent - how should I feel?

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
I could see maybe some mini-lessons about Mardi Gras, the history, the current practices, w/ an explanation of Lent. It really is a valid cultural lesson, b/c even though the observance of Lent is Parochial, awareness of the practice, its foundations, etc., as well as Mardi Gras are things that people in general should be aware of, even if they're irreligious or of a different religion.

That said, it sounds like that was not the intent...and if it was the intent, it was poorly done. I also would be ticked, & would probably talk w/ the principal, but would approach it from a "cultural literacy" standpoint & that you're concerned that the kids misinterpreted what the Principal & teachers were trying to achieve.

The only way that I could see Lenten discussion as being appropriate would be in a hypothetical, cultural kind of way. As in, "If you were going to observe Lent, what would you choose to give up?"

Also, it is entirely possible that the kids aren't accurately relating what happened. Many times I've had to go to the adults for clarification. You know the saying, "Only believe half of what you hear."

Just for kicks, I looked into who observes Lent:

This event, along with its pious customs are observed by Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Anglicans and some Baptists.[4][4][5][5] Lent is increasingly being observed by other denominations as well, even such groups that have historically ignored Lent, such as some Baptists and Mennonites.[6]
from wiki

I am Lutheran and DH is from Mobile so Mardi Gras and Lent are just part of life for us. I still think that it's only appropriate to teach it in a public school as a cultural lesson.
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