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Re: How many

It's different for every person. If your doctor said that you are in the clear on having another one, and you healed up well, I wouldn't worry at all. I have had 4 c-sections and am going to have my 5th in August. I, like you, have healed up really well and my doctor gave me the ok for another after my 4th c-section. The "number" of c-sections shouldn't be the main focus but how your body is/reacts after a c-section. I know of mothers who have only had 2 sections and have so many problems and a really thin uterus that their doctor strongly advised not to have any more. There are others that have had 6 sections and are just fine because they have healed well. But I completely understand about getting mixed messages from different doctors. I completely trust my OB. He's very skilled at his practice and is highly recommended. He has done all of my c-sections and has given me the "green flag" if I wanted to have more children. He takes it on a case-by-case basis after each c-section. But after I had my 4th c-section, many of the doctors at the hospital were shocked that I had 4 c-sections because they don't like anyone having more than 3. And they pressured me into trying to get something done permanently. Their opinions to me don't matter because they were not looking at my body to determine that opinion, but the number of c-sections I've had. Just my
I say if you want another child, then go for it! Children are such a blessing!
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