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Re: So I have some Osnaburg...

Originally Posted by berrypunch View Post
If you're washing again anyways run it threw a cycle or two with Dawn to strip any oil from the fabric so the dye can take evenly. Use the sanitary setting and you'll be sure it's 100 percent done shrinking.

I'd imagine you could dye it up in the front loader, but I've heard horror stories about the seal holding dye and making a mess of other clothes. If you go that route just be sure you run an empty sanitary cycle or two to rinse the dye residue out.

Alternatively, if you're worried about dyeing in the washer you could use a large tote or a clean trash can. Dylon is really easy to work with since it has the soda ash (fixative) added to it already. Just be sure to mix the dye and break up all the lumps in it before adding it to your water, and add a drop of dawn to the dye before the wrap. It breaks surface tension on the water, and helps the dye to move freely.

Will you post some pictures when you're done? I'd love to see how it comes out. Good luck & have fun
Does it have to be blue Dawn? I only have green Dawn and Palmolive, lol.

I think if I dye I'll do it in my big tote. I'm glad you said something about dye getting stuck in the lip. Our socks are constantly getting stuck in there, so I'm sure dye would linger. I didn't even think of that.

If I ever get it done, I will definitely post pics! Thanks so much for the help/advice, btw!
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