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Oh, I almost forgot. I'm a clean freak, and it about kills me that I hardly have time for cleaning. So, I do one cleaning thing per day to get it all gone. This is way less cleaning than I'd actually like to do, but I'm learning to just deal with they. 15-20 min is all it takes (except vacuum/mop day sometimes takes longer). Here's my schedule:

Monday- floors (vac/mop)
Tuesday- upstairs bath
Wednesday- kitchen
Thursday- downstairs bath
Friday- day of rest
Saturday- dust/organize
Sunday- rest, and/or catch up on things I missed during the week

Things get picked up/put away as we go each day to keep clutter and mess under control.

If I miss a day, I just don't worry about it til the next week (read: I internally freak out but realize I can't help it til the next week).

I do one load of laundry every day as I prep dinner (usually), just to stay on top of it. Every other day that load is diapers.
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