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Re: February - TTC #1 No Children Mentioned

Oh my...I have so much to learn. I have not studied car seats yet. Probably should wait till we get a BFP and then I can focus on them - I am one of those people who once I study something I HAVE to have it so I don't want to start too soon. We will prob have to get something for both cars - either two seats or two bases or something. Assuming I still have the same (crappy) job I will take the kiddo to day care (there is one at my hospital) but I can see DH picking the lo up if he's done work or something. Plus we take DH's SUV when we go anywhere together (DH is too tall for my little car) so I def don't want to be carting car seats in and out of cars - we already so that with the dog's seat cover and its a PITA!

From a protection standpoint car seats are one of the most important decisions. Strollers are important for convenience. I def want to get a baby carrier too - my sister had a sling and although I didn't like it at first, it was so handy - especially if we were out to eat and the lo got tired - he just snuggled up to her and fell asleep! So sweet!

Tiffany, can I ask you a Follistim question? When you were doing Follistim with IUI when did you start taking it and for how long? (Just trying to time dropping off my Rx in time.)
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