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Re: Marchkins Chat 2/13 - 2/19

Originally Posted by preemiemama View Post
Hope today was a better day for you.

I am in the same boat with wanting to buy but not having pp. The only difference is I am pretty content with my diaper stash, but I am working on building a wrap stash. I absolutely cannot get anything else unless I destash some dipes/wool, but that won't happen until I destash nb stuff I think. And I am starting to worry that if I stay pregnant this baby will not fit into some of his woolies. I hate to take a loss on that stuff too. Since most of our nb woolie stash is customs I will never get back what I paid, but at least if we never get to use it hopefully someone with a tiny smush will be able too. I do have some yarn... but I am hoarding that for the fall I think.

ok, so I would like some input and advice on a conversation I had with my ob yesterday. (I posted this on another ddc too and am waiting for some input) I went to my 38week appt yesterday which was weird in and of itself bc no one thought I would get this far in the pregnancy. Well here I am, and the longer I go without going into labor the higher the chances are that my water WILL break and I will have a fast and precipitous labor. Just to re-cap, I delivered my son 1 hr and 15 min after my water broke. Now, I have always had an emergency plan or back-up plan if I am home alone or if dh is travelling, but now those plans are feeling much more real. They include calling a neighbor to take ds and take me to the hossy or calling 911. DH is out of town tonight and will be back tomorrow night. He will also be gone next Tuesday morning returning late Thursday night. My ob wanted to discuss induction with me yesterday. I think she both would like to deliver this baby and would like to see me labor and deliver in a controlled environment where she, or one of her partners, can oversee my care. She was not pushy at all, but she talked a lot about pros and cons. She discussed being very gentle with the pit and also that she believes the risk of c/s would be extremely low given how ripe my cervix is (4cm, 90%effaced). I am 95% sure I will not go through with an induction and have not even discussed it with dh or my mom bc I do not want to be pressured by them. But I would love to hear the opinions of you ladies since I really don't have anyone to talk to about it that will give me an unbiased perspective. The biggest con that my ob talked about was increased pain, specifically harder, more painful ctx that can be extremely painful at the peak. yuck! I am really wanting a natural labor and delivery, so this 1 con is a BIG one for me. She said we could discuss it again on Tuesday if I am still pregnant, as she would consider doing it once I reach 39 weeks. The one thing that I have stuck in my head is what if dh misses the delivery and I could have prevented that with an induction. If I decided to go through with an induction I could probably convince dh to cancel his work trip for next week. Ugh, I just hate the idea of dh not being there, but I also hate the idea of being induced. Also, a big drawback of the induction is that they would want me to consent to continuous monitoring. Our hossy does have the cordless system, but my ob was clear with me that they had to get a new system bc the old one wasn't reliable, and the new one is only a month old. Again, I think I will not move forward with the induction and have faith that everything will go as it is supposed to, but there is always that little voice in the back of my head saying "what if I get myself into a really bad situation and end up regretting not taking control of the when and how."
lol now responding in other said thread!
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