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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

YES. Baby was 10 days overdue, and labor began really suddenly a few hours after my midwife did a membrane sweep. Got an IV at the hospital because I kept vomiting with each contraction and it was making me dehydrated. A couple bags of saline+sugar, then a dose of Zofran, and I was much better and the contractions were okay. Labored for 11 hours, and didn't feel like the pain was overwhelming until hour 7 or 8. I did cry and beg my husband to "Please help me, I can't do this." But I never asked for pain meds, and he and everyone around me just kept telling me how strong I was and that they believed in me. Biggest pain reliever: The Hip Squeeze. My hubby squeezed my hips hard and lifted them up at every contraction for 10 hours straight. He was my pain relief and my hero.

Baby went into distress due to a pinched cord, and by the time I wanted to push they were prepping the OR for a c-section. I just kept pushing, and as the OB got antsy to cut me open the midwives coached me to lift my head, grab my knees and just push as hard as I could after every breath, without waiting for contractions. I was given only 10 minutes to birth my baby before they were going to wheel me across the hall for a c-section, and I got him out in 9 minutes! Had a moderate episiotomy on the last push in order to get baby out fast, and it has healed fine. The only thing I really hated was getting a catheter 20 minutes before baby was born. They did it to try to speed up the pushing stage and avoid a c-section, and as soon as they emptied my bladder they removed it, but it burned and really pissed me off (pardon the pun!). I know they were doing everything they could do help me push fast and hard, but for some reason that catheter stands out as the intervention that I most hated.

Best choices we made for our first baby:
1) Midwife group at our hospital
2) No drugs so I could push as hard as possible when baby was in distress
3) Be educated and confident, both you and your partner

It is so empowering to realize how strong you truly are!!! Good luck!

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