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3+ c-sections- please share stories and info!

Hi mamas! I would like 5 children and am scheduled for my 4th c-section in June. We tried a HBA2C for the last birth, which ended in my 3rd c-section due to failure to progress like my first one. Second surgery was planned. We tried so hard to vbac the last baby so we could have 5 babies and it just didn't happen! Now I'm on my 4th and the support in my area is so bad and negative. I need some success stories or websites I can read to help me out mentally. Are we crazy? Should I get 'sterilized' during this surgery like the doctors recommend?
My appt. yesterday was so negative that it left me crying all day. I want a specific Ob who did a great job on #3, but my prenatal visit was with his partner. She was complete gloom and doom and flat out told me I wasn't having 5 kids and that c-sections limit family size. She said I run a 1:5 risk of them cutting my bladder so I could pee myself daily for the rest of my life, uterine rupture, maternal death.... She went through it all over and over and seemed mad at me. I seem to heal well with no complications and the last ob didn't say anything negative during the last surgery.
I'm thinking of looking for a more positive practice or even going to a larger city and different hospital. I don't know what to do so I'm hoping for some info or experiences from here! I would hate to miss out on baby #5 because of fear. I need some lifting up, I'm still pretty down. It's not like I chose c-sections. We've been really bummed about each of them. Thanks in advance!
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