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So mad,what happend?! *photo's*

I was hanging up my diapers this morning & look what I found! one fuzzi bunz is totally ripped all through the PUL. I have no idea what caused this I bought them from a children's boutique new, I never use bleach and always hang out to dry. I do the same wash cycle-cold rinse hot wash w/ruby moon and another cold rinse sometimes like once a month with a tiny bit of white vinegar.It looks like melted saran wrap. The first 2 photos are of the ripped one the 3rd is another Fuzzi bunz I bought with the ripped one that the pul looks and feels cheap like paper thin & off of the fabric These diapers are only a few months old! None of my other diapers have this problem & I've never had this happen before Grrrrr... I'm so mad. I feel like i've had a diaper casualty now I don't know if Fuzzi bunz will cover this because they were not bought from a diaper shop,just a boutique where they get bulk bundles in of all different items.

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