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Right now, I am out of town so I'm packed pretty heavy. We are going out for the day, so about 6 hours. I have:

3 prefolds with doublers
A Flip stuffed with a flat (emergency diaper, I hate Flips)
A wool soaker
Change of clothes
Extra socks
Two tubes of rash cream (CJs and Grandma El's)
Extra diaper pins
Wet bag
Cloth and sposie wipes
3 baby toys
Pocket knife
Water bottle
Wristlet wallet
Headband for me
Granola bars

I typically only carry two diapers, and rarely have a change of clothes if we are just around town.

This is all packed in my Go Gaga Slide bag. It's a lot smaller than my Ju Ju Be Be All, but easier to carry while wearing the baby.
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