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Re: cloth wipes vs disposable vs flushable

Originally Posted by JessicaArizona View Post
We have them stacked in a dry pile and I premake the wipee solution and have it in a work out water bottle with a pop-top lid. So I just pop the top and poor a bit on the wipe and voula!

Again...dry wipes..but I have the wipe solution in a little travel spray bottle. I spray it straight on the bum and then wipee him off.

Honestly when he poops I try to wipe as much off WITH the diaper as I can. I don't even have to spray off my wipes. Just my diapers. When we used sposies with our first two kids I would do the same thing to save on disposable wipes...I would take the diaper and just swipe it down as I went and get the majority of the yuck off, then wipee.

My ALL TIME FAVORITE wipes....I tried several different brands then made my own. Flannel one side/terry cloth on the other. The terry cloth is AWESOME for grabbing messes and the flannel is soft for cleaning and finishing up or wiping for just pee.
This is EXACTLY what I do, except I use the peri bottle(s) I got from the hospital. Just wet the dry wipes as needed. My solution is water mixed with a few drops of Dr. Bronners lavender liquid soap.

And Green Mountain Diapers has the two-sided flannel/terry wipes. They are AWESOME.
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