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Re: 3+ c-sections- please share stories and info!

On my 3rd c-section the doc discovered a lot of scar tissue and knicked my bladder. They sewed it up and I regained the urge to pee in a week. My friend, who had 3 c-sections, had her bladder cut as well and never regained the urge to pee. She goes by the clock so she doesn't have accidents.

I think it all just depends on the person. Even with my complications from the last c-section, my doctor said he'd do another c-section on me. He thinks it's a personal choice and it's upto us to weigh the risks against the benefits. He just did c-section number 7 on a lady. He just said to keep in mind I had issues this time around and percentages of risks (specifically placenta abnormalities) go up with a 4th c-section. He's had 3 placenta accretas resulting in hysterrectomies on baby #4's and 5's.

Such hard decisions! While my doc is supportive, other docs in his practice are cautiously "okay" with 4th c-sections. haha. I talked with my doctor and he said just ask the office ladies to schedule prenatals with only him. Maybe you could talk with yours and ask the same as well?

Hope y
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