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Re: whats in your diaper bag???

* Diapers, of course... how many depends on if both diapered children are leaving the house or just one, and how long we anticipate the outing to be. Anywhere from 2 to 6 diapers, really! We use fitteds only.

* A couple fleece soakers just in case. We use wool mostly but you never know what will happen so I want to have something I can pull over the diaper easily if there's some kind of accident.

* Handful of wipes. We use cloth wipes exclusively. I just grab some. Don't know how many is in there.

* Our extra bottle of spray solution.

* Some board books for the older ones to look through while we're on the road

* Sippy cups and some on-the-go snacks for the older ones, and a thermos of water, empty bottle, and can of formula for the youngest
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