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Re: Would you ever skip newborn size?

In my situation, yes I skipped newborn diapers. I have large babies - first was 9lb 8oz and my second was 8lb 12oz. I never CD'd ds #1 but with ds #2 I started right with small and OS diapers. Many people will say you can't use OS diapers from birth, but it's not true. I started using OS dipes on ds as soon as we got home from the hospital when he was 5 days old and approximately 8 lbs. Our BG pockets have been used heavily the past 16 months and are still in wonderful shape. As it was, I did buy some sized dipes. The smalls we were able to just barely squeeze ds into until he turned 3 months and then we moved into mediums. Newborn dipes would have been a huge waste for us, as it was I felt that the smalls were a waste for 3 months use. But, I did end up selling those and getting 1/2 my money back to buy other dipes with.
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