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Re: November 2012 babies

Originally Posted by mumtwiceover View Post
Is anyone symptomatic yet??

I'm just really tired and my boobs are killing me.

I have had 3 people ask/tell if I have supersonic smelling because I have commented on smells.

I fully expect MS to kick in in the next couple weeks and will hang around until about 13 weeks - that's is pretty typical for me.
I already can't sleep and have all day nausea. With my son I threw up once every morning starting from the day BEFORE I got a BFP.

And everything STINKS LOL

Originally Posted by eljube112 View Post
I'm cautiously joining in. Edd according to O date is Nov 4. A very significant day in our hearts.

I'm also still bf'ing. I have 3 kiddies, 4, 2 and 1. Depending on what day this little bean makes an appearance, I could have 4 under 5!!

No symptoms yet, but I usually have pretty easy pregnancies. I don't expect much ms, my boobs aren't sore (although they might be if I keep nursing).

I will call my m/w next week probably to set up an appointment. I'm debating whether to decline the dating u/s. I know exactly when I conceived!!
Nov 4th is our due date too. My DS was due Nov 12th (our anniversary) and born Oct 27th. Nov 4th is also my little brothers Birthday
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