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Re: Opinions Please.....

I can't really relate, because my baby was giant (and still is!), but seriously that is the stupidest suggestion ever.
Formula is inferior nutrition; it's like telling a parent to give their kids fast food to beef them up instead of making them a home-cooked meal. And I don't say that to offend any formula-feeding moms; it's just true when you consider that formula is a processed, sterile food (like most fast food), and breastmilk is full of beneficial bacteria and the perfect proteins, fats, and nutrients that a baby needs. That's just the way it is.
You can try adding more healthy fats to his diet, though, and to yours. It might help the nutritional content of your milk. I started giving Claire a dose of fermented cod liver oil at that age, and she started to get cheese and avocado. If you have access to raw or low-temp pasteurized cream, that would be a good supplement, also. Cooking with coconut oil and milk has also been shown in studies to have a very benefical impact on breastmilk composition. Oh, and egg yolk (preferrably local and free-range!) is great to add to things for babies! It's very easy to digest, full of essential nutrients, and has a fair amount of calories. You can mix it with oatmeal, cream, smoothies...etc. Or, he might just like it the way it is. Claire loves her runny yolks!

ETA- I have a friend who has a child that is 9 months older than Claire- so she's getting close to 3, and Claire just turned 2. She was tiny at birth and has always been tiny. Claire tries to hug her but just ends up pushing her around half of the time... I can pass Claire's clothes to her; that's how big a difference there is! Oh, and she was formula-fed. So what advice would this doctor give to that mom?!
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