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Waiting until a year for solids...?

My DD seems interested in eating solids. She likes her bowl and spoon to play with and squeezes applesauce through her fingers and licks it off the side of the bowl. She watches me intently while I eat. But when I try to feed her she just gags and makes an awful face. She seems to like the taste but isn't ready for the texture. She turned 9 months on the 19th. She is gaining weight well and is 25 lbs. she is EBF. She doesn't drink from a cup yet and probably has had 5-10 bottles before.

So I guess I just feel nervous because I've been trying to introduce solids for 1 or 2 months and it's not going anywhere. Is there any reason to be concerned and what are the actual benefits of starting solids before a year? Besides the obvious if an LO is not getting enough nutrition elsewhere?
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