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Re: Ok, I'm ready to be done now

Yepp, I have 2 surro-daughters. They are turning 2 and 1 in April. I've had my pregnancies really close together. I can't WAIT to be done being pregnant!! I think the first family wants a sibling, though, so we'll see. But yepp, my 3 y/o DS, and almost 2 year old and 1 year old surro-DD's.

I don't know what's wrong with me.. but I DO want to deliver this baby, but I think my mind is stopping me. I almost DON'T want to go into labor, because I'm nervous about how I will be with a newborn. The lack of sleep and juggling 2 is scaring me. I hope I can get through the mental block so I can go into labor. Also scared that my Mom won't make it here in time to watch DS, but I honestly wouldn't mind if he was there for the birth, it would just be easier if he wasn't. We'll see. Going to relax today, put my breastpump together that I got last night, and do some simple upkeep on the house.
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