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Re: Ok, I'm ready to be done now

Originally Posted by MyKzooFamily View Post
Cool! I was a TS as well. I loved doing both of them, and think I may do more.

My last 2 were completely natural (one we barely made it to the hospital, one was a home birth)... so I'm ALL for not feeling labor this time. As much as I love feeling awesome after a natural labor, I am considering getting an epidural, but we will see! Maybe I'll have a fast labor (fingers crossed!!)

Today now that I have the house pretty clean, I'm actually kind of welcoming labor. I just want to get it over with, and I don't want to have to panic in the middle of the day, middle of the week, when everyone is out and about and busy. Maybe I can hold her in until next weekend, even if I do start having contractions.

My Mom did nipple stimulation with all 7 of us right at 37 weeks, and went into labor that day or the next day like clock work. It helped me go into labor with the last 2, but this time I'm hesitant for some reason. Although the idea of being home with a newbie, recovering, sounds SOOOOO much better than achy joints, heartburn, hurting hips and pelvis, etc.
I was thinking giving the nipple stimulation a try once I hit 37 wks! What's the harm, right?! If she's ready, she'll come and if she's not..well, I've abused my boobs for nothing! I will have a Csection(it will be 5th) but at least I will feel labor and evict this kid before I loose my sanity!
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