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Re: "dad"

Let you kids decide. We are a poly family, have been for 2 years now. My (and DH's) 3 bio kids call DH's GF "mom" her dd calls me titi, but calls DH "Daddy". dd calls her bio-dad Daddy-Joe, he only calls her 2 or 3 times a year, and has never paid any kind of CS.

A close girlfriend has 2 children from her 1st marriage, and 1 child (and an agel) from her current marriage. Her 2 older kids call him "Daddy" he has been there Daddy since they were 6mos and 18 mos. They are now 11 and 9. They call their bio-dad Bobby Daddy when they aren't with him, and Daddy when they are.

"Daddy __name__" seems to have been a common comprimise among my circle of close friends. Same goes for "Mommy/Mama __name__" a close friend's kids called me "mama liz" for long time (probably b/c i breastfed her youngest for about 8 mos next to mine. She also BFd my {bio} youngest), my kids called her "mama nan" as well.
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