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Re: Oregon mamas--roll call!

I live in SW Portland and love it! Our community is quiet and I sure wish my neighbors were a bit more outgoing but I live close to family and friends with kids who will be about the same age as our baby. Plus 2 of my friends are due around the same time so instant play group! I also lived in Eugene for 5 yrs (college) and loved it there too. It would be the other city in Oregon I would consider living in. Lots of bike paths and outdoor activities. Enough shopping options to keep me happy and DH and I have friends who live in the Eugene/Springfield area. The Willamette Valley is a beautiful place to live with lots of activities available, esp if you love outdoor activities. Not sure I could handle living in Central or Eastern Oregon but that's because they get way more snow and colder weather and being from Hawaii originally, I don't want to deal with that. Plus I prefer to be close to family and they all live in Portland.
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