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Re: thirsties AIOs keep yes no?

Originally Posted by Kissed by the Moon View Post
question for those who have a long dry time- do you use dryer balls? I use 4 and I really do think it helps. I have only had to redry these 1 time out of the many I've used.
No I don't one thing I was thinking was I wonder if I'll have better luck with a slightly larger stash.. I'm an every 3 day washer and this mean I'm normally washing around 18-20 diapers but because Ive been pretty much only using my AIOs I've been washing every 2 days lately and maybe around 10-12 while over stuffinga dryer of course doesn't help neither does drying small loads.. I thought I had soem dryer balls around here someplace but I can't find them I can get soem though and see if they help any or liek add a towel or do an extra spin cycle...

As far as the diapers though I'm torn.. I really do love the fit and they are really easy to use. SO far they wash up great its JUST the drying time...

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