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Re: The PRO's (and con's) of Natural Childbirth

I had an epi with my son. My water broke early and I ended up needed a pitocin. They didn't want me off the bed either because everytime a nurse walked in my blood pressure would spike (she really stressed me out). It wasn't an ideal labor at all (the hospital was not that great, the epi didn't make it bad, it was the staff).

However, epi didn't affect me negatively. I could still feel some minor pain on one 1 side because of the way he was riding in me. I progressed really fast, and it wore off when it was time to push so I knew when to push. I still had a rush of oxytocin after, I still felt great, and it didn't affect breastfeeding. What did affect it was the bruise on his head from insisting on having his hand along his face on the way out and riding on my left side, he was very sleepy because of that bruise, but he was healthy and did breastfeed fine, just fell asleep fast (even the lactation consultant said that was why).

So yeah, this time I have access to a labor tub (didn't at the last place) and I have a doula too. I'm going to attempt to go natural and all. However if I get an epi because I decide I want to relax some and find myself so tense from the pain, then so be it. Epidurals have their place. Not all labors slow down because of them and not all woman have bad effects from them. Sometimes they speed up the labor because you can actually relax.

It's hard to know what a person will do until they are in that situation. But don't feel bad if you end up getting one. I had a friend who had a natural labor that lasted 24 hours and has never had a natural one since because the pain was lasted for so long from that one and she has breastfed all her kids wonderfully (even the emergency c-section one that had nothing to do with an epidural, but rather having had the cord wrapped around his neck really tight) and they are all smart. Other woman only have natural births. Each to their own!
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