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Originally Posted by Liadan23
my son was born in september in houston, but when he was 2 weeks old we moved to the tex/mex border for 3 months. even though it was september, it was over 100 most days for the first month or so, and we didn't have a/c. so.....all that said, i considered him a summer baby at the time, even though now that we're in chicago, he's definitely a fall baby

he mostly wore just short sleeves onesies, with a light baby blanket (my grandma made me a ton of receiving blankets, they were made of i think cotton? but they were bigger than the ones you buy in the store, so much better for wrapping). i also got a lot of crap from the nosey old ladies when we went out ("oh! he needs more blankets/socks/a sleeper/whatever! he must be freezing!"). but he also broke out in a sweat just from the onesie. a lot of times, i only added the blanket because my husband believed the little old ladies, and thought i was trying to make the baby freeze to death. even so, ds got a nasty heat rash at a couple weeks old, all over his body. dh changed his tune once the dr told us that he was just too hot and sweaty and we had to try to bathe him frequently and keep him cool. HA. so anyways, for me, just the short sleeved onesies with a couple receiving blankets was good enough.
Oh the little old ladies! We lived in Louisiana when our first and third were born and in Houston with our fourth (and coming fifth!) and always got comments about our babies being sockless!!! Why have them in socks when it's so hot and humid?
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