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Re: I'd love to hear from South Carolina and Georgia Mamas...

We just moved to West Columbia/Lexington SC. We are in a community, though ours doesn't have a pool but a ton do. Subdivisions are going up everywhere.

It was hard for us to find a house to rent in our range, but a lot of homes for sale had 4+ bedrooms. We ended up picking a 4b/2.5b w/ bonus room. Doesn't have a basement but there are a ton of closets for storage. And it has a more formal living room and another living room downstairs. It's over 2000 sq ft. Our backyard isn't huge, but there is a patio off the back door and a small basketball court, plus shed, and we all have a lot of running around room.

As for being safe, the WCPD has over 50 officers, 1 is my husband and 1 is my BFFs husband.

Everything is close by (within 5-10 minutes depending on lights and traffic), but we live in the back of a subdivision with cul-de-sacs on both ends so we are able to take walks and play outside without cars flying by.

I grew up in Florida but moved to Ohio about 8-9 years ago. It's definitely harder with kids in the winter. Oh yeah, Riverbanks Zoo is close by, along with a children's muesuem. We are excited about that. In Ohio we were 1-2 hours from either and now we are within 15 minutes.
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