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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - February Chat Thread*

Hi mamas, I've been lurking more than posting here lately. I guess we have all been super busy lately. This thread has been so slow. I think of all of you often though and wonder how your littles are doing.

Originally Posted by juliabell View Post
Aww - that's so great that they're progressing! All babies do things at their own pace

I always have to remember to be DS's biggest cheerleader. He's been a tiny peanut since early on and people are always surprised when I tell them how old he is. I feel like I have to point it out before they say something. It's hard not to do that!
It made me smile when you said that you have to try to be your son's biggest cheerleader. This is really true. It's as if you just know someone is going to ask and so you go ahead and get it over with. I am that way with my older DS as his speech is delayed. But really I am so proud of him. I think the defensiveness (at least for me that's what I would call it) comes from my feeling protective. And that's okay.

Originally Posted by watermelon View Post
Well my little end of May babies that came soooo early are 1. We had a fun weekend and a bunch of the family came down to see them baptized. We are truly blessed. They had a first this weekend...swimming. They loved it so I have to show a picture of them in their sweet little their anything cuter than babies in swimsuits?!

Oh my goodness!! You're so right - there is NOTHING cuter than babies in their swimsuits. I'm so glad they are doing so well. I know it must have been a tough first year for you and your family. Yay!

Originally Posted by Tippytoe View Post
Just popping in to say hello! Mamas. I've been MAKING myself take a DS break. Lol. But I'm back. I'll catch up and still need to get some pics posted later.
Well, hello! I understand needing a break from DS sometimes. It really sucks you in if you let it!
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