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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - February Chat Thread*

Originally Posted by Zookeeper View Post
Yeah, he woke up hystetical at 1am on Thursday, so off we went to the ER, he kept telling me his penis hurt and the last time that happened, he had a hernia and torsed I wasn't messing around! We don't like to do antibiotics, but it was so severe, I didn't want to chance a kidney infection He will NOT drink cranberry juice, but I was thonking of getting the cranberry pills and crushing them in his yogurt...

Toby is pulling up on us, but not crawling yet, although he will rock on all fours He is finally eating solids...thank goodness, because he has now decided that he won't drink milk from a bottle, OY! So, I have like 100oz that a friend is picking up tonight because no one at my house will drink it. Story of my life, seriously. With my first I couldn't pump enough for him and now, I'm rocking the pump and my youngest only wants it from the tap! Argh!

I have some pics to share, but I am on my phone, so only have this one. We just had 9mo pics done, so when we get them back I will add more!

Such a cute picture - I just saw this!! I'm behind on reading all of the posts. I can't believe your LO won't drink all that precious milk from a bottle! How frustrating! Hope your older kiddo is feeling completely better now!

Originally Posted by cherrycoke View Post
Hello all! I loved reading everybody's updates (except the ER trip Rachel, yikes!)

DS had his 9 month checkup today and is 19lbs 29.75in. He's finally pulling himself to standing and his version of crawling is a combination of an army crawl and scooting. He has to go see a pediatric urologist because his testicles still haven't descended. I didn't think anything of it until I changed my friends' babies diapers and both of them had descended testicles so I asked the pedi today and he wants to get a second opinion because he could only feel one...? The place he referred us has a 4 month wait, which is fine with me, by the time we get in he'll be just over 1 year and if it's the same kind of wait for surgery (if he even needs it), that's more time to give his testicles to drop on their own. And if they don't drop on their own, it'll be taken care of before he'll have long term memories of surgery/recovery.
Oh I hope he doesn't have to have surgery too. Keep us updated!
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