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Re: Big Mama's C-section (support)Stories/Tips for Recovery!!!

I'm 5'2", I've had 3 and I was 242 pre-preg with the last one-my heaviest pre-pregnancy weight. This recovery was the easiest of all of them actually. My first two were emergencies, the first was after laboring for so long and heartbeat decreasing, the second was breach and in the middle of the night. My last was scheduled because I give birth to toddlers, she ended up only being 6lb 7oz!!! This time I got up as soon as I was able and started to move. That is what helped me-just moving. I breastfed this one and the weight kinda melted off (huge bonus!), but it hurt so much when she nursed! The cramps seemed extremely bad because my recently sliced open uterus would contract when she was nursing and that was pretty painful. It passed after about a minute, and the cramping only lasted maybe 4-5 days, lessening each day. I had some PPD with #2, but none with #3 (or 1 IIR). I firmly believe that BF'ing helps with PPD so much more with a C/S than a vag delivery (I've never had a vaginal birth, only C/S), lots of my friends who've had both agree. Not trying to tell you what you should and shouldn't do to take care of your children, but if you can at least try to BF the first few days, that's been shown to lessen the severity of PPD than not trying at all. Good luck mama!
ETA: The gauze worked great for me too! I had staples with the first two, and the super glue stuff with the 3rd, and a soft folded wash cloth works great once it's healed just a bit. I didn't use the wash cloth until the staples were removed because I was scared of it catching. After about a week or so once the insicion was healed enough, I took alcohol and cleaned around the scar and used the cool setting on the blowdrier once a day. Never was red or had an infection once I started taking care of it like that.
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