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Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
Sorry I'm totally crashing the c-section forum but this is just not true! We are military and tricare has not such rule about going past due. Find a doctor who will do what's best for you and your baby's health

Blaming typos on my "smart"phone's auto-correct

Many doctors in the TriCare network will say whatever sounds good to them and pass it off as TriCare or hospital policy. I'm primarily being seen by midwives, but because I'm "high risk" (pish posh, only because it's twins), I have to see an OB as well. He's amazing; really - I actually like him very much, but he told me at my last appointment that it was against hospital and TriCare policy for my first baby to be born breech.

While it IS true that most (probably all) of the military doctors working at our hospital would be personally unwilling to attend a breech, my midwife assured me soundly that there was no such hospital/TriCare policy, and that it was all case by case and between the doctor and mother. She assured me that "No one can force me to sign the documents required for them to do a C-section, and if I start pushing when the baby is breech then there's not much they can do."

Military or not, we have the same rights as other patients.

I agree with PPs that you should be cautious (not necessary mistrusting, but definitely cautious) of any absolutes that are given to you in either direction. What's one doctor's policy against a huuuge body of research? Read up on going past 41 weeks (because really, anything between 38-42 is typical) vs. a C-section or induction, and then stick to your guns.

At the end of the day, what you feel most comfortable with is what matters.

Good luck!
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