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Re: Recommend your HE washer

Our washer went out a few weeks ago and we had to buy a new one. Luckily, it had been on the fritz for a while and we'd already done some research. So, once we had to we just looked for the best price and bought one right then. We bought the Samsung 431. It is rated highly by Consumer Reports, has high customer reviews and the brand has the fewest repairs of any other brand. I've been loving it. We set the 'My Cycle" for our diaper routine and just go in and hit that one button to get our diapers going. They are coming out so dry! Before we had to run the longest cycle on the dryer and then go add another 40 minutes or so, but now they are coming out dry on just the longest cycle (or maybe even a little before). (All of our regular clothes are drying much faster too...which I'm sure is saving us money). Our wash time is long...2hrs 10 minutes is what pops up when we start it. Tonight it added another 10 minutes somewhere along the way. But for me the longer wash time hasn't been an issue even though we do 3 loads a day (it is really evening out with the shorter dry times).
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