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Re: The PRO's (and con's) of Natural Childbirth

I had DD with an epi, traditional hospital and all that, and DS home water birth. Planning a HB again because there is just no comparison.

I was going to give natural birth a try with DD, but didn't do anything in advance to prepare. I ended up getting an epi just because I was so exhausted. I experienced contractions for an entire weekend and didn't get much sleep so when they offered, I didn't have anything left to resist it. I didn't have any adverse affects from the epi, but I did not like that I couldn't feel anything going on and felt like the birth was happening to me rather than me experiencing it. At one point, my dr told me to push and I honestly had no idea if I was doing anything. She told me to bare down like having a bowel movement and I honestly tried, but the next thing I know she was delivering DD with forceps.

I also did not like the several days of peeing I had to do to get all the fluids they had me hooked up to, out of my system. I had elephant legs and moved around like a slug. Ugh!

I studied the Bradley Method and read through an Ina Mae book prior to my HB for DS. Mentally, I was totally prepared for the pain of the contractions during labor. I visualized a wave coming over me, my body opening and expanding to bring DS into the world, and every contraction getting me closer to holding my baby boy. I was able to go inside myself deeply and breath and moan my way through most contractions. I sort of lost it when I hit transition because I had been going for a few hours, but my doula and midwives did a great job of getting me through.

Once I was in active labor, my body knew just what to do. The contractions didn't hurt near as much and pushing was not that bad. I jumped in the tub, got in a comfortable position and pushed when my body told me too. I don't think I pushed for more than 10 or 20 minutes.

Talk about empowering! I too felt a rush after he was born and was on a high! He was alert and nursed right away. The next morning I felt great and felt pretty close to normal beside a bit of soreness down below.

I too don't begrudge anyone who chooses to get an epi, but like other posters, I just want women to know that they have options.
M & G proud parents of Lae Lae 4/2005 traditional hospital birth, E E ! amazing home water birth 11/2009, Baby Girl another home water birth 9/2012
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