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Re: Latch sugg.

at some of the suggestions becuase I remember trying them without any luck (not meaning this rudely at all)
I had a growling chomper ....
lots of practice and pulling the chin down when he was already latched were about the only things that improved the situation at all. After months of nursing he's better at it, but of course they have to learn to nurse as well as unlearn how to nurse wrong.
Covering more the bottom of the areola helps too, and less of the top to your friend --- dr. newman is tops
(Is she having problems such as pain or doesn't think he is getting enough milk. If she isn't having problems then its probably just fine the way he nurses. Even now my son doesn't always cover all of it at 7 months but its no longer painful and he's growing fine)

to previous poster: most babies have a great suction, so just gently (or not so gently) use your thumb on your opposite hand to push his jaw/ chin down. I know I never had to worry about de-latching my son that way. Of course I might have worried about de-laching my nipple from my breast when he didn't like his chin being moved while eating
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