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Re: Woman Centered C Sections

I was able to hold my DD in the operating room after my c/s at Health Alliance Hospital in Leominster, MA - although I had DH hold her right by me so I could touch her as I was shaky from nerves. When they were close to finishing with me they took her (with my permission) to clean her up (she was really messy since she had/has a ton of hair) - DH went with her. DD was in the recovery room with me within 5 minutes of me getting situated. LC came in shortly after baby arrived to help me get her latched. They even unswaddled her before handing her to me to nurse. I've had 3 c/s now all at different hospitals and this was the best experince of them. My arms weren't tied down and I didn't even have to request it they just don't do it routinely. They really seemed mommy/baby centered instead of doctor centered.
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