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Re: Why am I afraid of using the dryer?

Originally Posted by SorSam View Post
I have always lined dried our CDs and if I have to use the dryer I feel like I am cheating on the savings of using cloth diapers or that I will ruin my diapers.
I work full time, don't get home till almost 7pm and have lots of thing to do when I do get home.
(dinner,HW with my 6yr old, housework, etc...) by the time I finish and have to do diaper laundry I am exhausted.
I think of cd stuffing time as my relaxing time but putting them on the line is really time consuming sometimes.
I think I just needed to vent here. Sorry...
Is it really a big difference to line dry them? What has been your experience if you've done both?

PS: And YES, I will admit I have an addiction to cloth diapers!!!
Momma, use your dryer! It's okay. You are under a lot of pressure (I know, I'm there right with ya).
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