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Re: Why am I afraid of using the dryer?

I work full time too. I am so thankful that my daycare will use our cloth diapers, so I don't worry about the extra cost of using the dryer. For me, it comes down to a choice -- I can use cloth and use the dryer, or I can line dry and use sposies since I don't have the time. I have put our dipes in the dryer since we started cloth almost 3 1/2 years ago. My son used our medium Bottom Bumpers (which I bought used) for over a year, and now DS2 has been using the same diapers for over a year. Yeah, the inners are looking pretty ratty but the pul is still holding strong. Some of the elastic is shot, but that hasn't been an issue. I do recommend if you use the dryer that you let them cool off before stuff -- stretching hot or warm elastic will make it die faster.
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