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Re: Why am I afraid of using the dryer?

nothing wrong with line drying for sure but their really is no reason to worry about a dryer eaither. I dry or have dried
cotton hemp bamboo microfiber flannel oranic stuff non organic pockets aios prefolds flats snap diaper velcro diapers PUL TPU all cotton covers fleece nylon vinyl honestly name it Ive dried it and for many many years be one exception would be wool for obvious reasons but everything else HIGH heat even and I'll happily add time if needed.. I've had my seasons of line drying and still will for the occasional stuborn stain or on occasion just cause though I have no line here and as of right now to place to set one up..
Cost wise I haven't noticed a diffrence our bill stayed the same rate before bbay VS after also never saw some big drop (if any) between my last baby and this one.. I'm sure we might see something if I line dried ALL our clothes but I wont do that..
I personally HATE hanging clothes in the summer though toooo HOT having to shower after hanging clothes is not my idea of fun, LOL

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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