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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I had a pain med free first labour - I gave birth at home. DD was 11 days late so we went into the hospital as an outpatient for induction and I got a dose of cervidil. I went home to bed, and woke up around 3am in labour. I laboured at home with my husband until around 9am when the midwife came. I went through transition mid afternoon, and started pushing around 3:30pm, DD was born at 5:30pm.

Overall I'm really happy with my birth experience. There were a few contractions as I was going through transition where I really thought I couldn't do it any more, but then it was time to push and it was a whole different feeling. Pushing didn't exactly feel good, but it feels way more productive, and pushing helps to distract me from the pain.

I'd like to try a water birth when we have our next baby, and I definitely want to give birth at home again. It was so nice to just hang out in my room and not have to go anywhere the first few days after DD was born (our midwives visited us at home for the first week).
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